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Strengthening and Transforming Attitude for Resilience in Entrepreneurs (STAR – E)

STAR-E is an initiative of TEKAN Peace Desk aimed at strengthening and transforming attitude for resilience in Entrepreneurs. It’s an inter-faith activity that trains selected participants in different fields and gives them start-up packs at the end of the training. At least 116 persons benefitted from this program from 2017 to date


States in Nigeria

Peace Building and Conflict Transformation

This is aimed at increasing the capacity of individuals, communities…

Trauma healing and Psychosocial Support

Victim of crisis, communal clashes, farmer-herder conflict and other traumatizing situations are reached to ranging from children, teenagers and adults…

Building Bridges
Brought to you by TEKAN Peace Desk with support from Brot-fur-die-Welt
Village Square

brought to you by TEKAN Peace Desk with support from Kerk in Actie

Our Calling

Dear friends and partners of TEKAN Peace Desk, We are bound by our calling whether evangelical or diaconal to sow seeds in our families, churches and society. This has been and will continue to be our calling. It has been more so with the Desk painstakingly developing a Peace Studies curriculum.

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Success Stories

Helen Philemon Haggai
Desk Coordinator

The year started on a promising note.
Activities were selected in line with the needs of our target communities. Staff level of moral was high. Each was ready to contribute to the peace writ-large of different communities. However, our hope and desires were s cuttled with the news of the identification of the first index case of the Corona virus on 28 February 2020. The story took a turn for the worse. The pandemic has changed all our plans.
Consequently, several virtual meetings were held during the lockdown period to brainstorm on the way forward. The team adapted COVID19 guidelines directives provided by National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) as well as other relevant government agencies to help guide
subsequent interventions as the pandemic rages on. Thus, the ….

STAR-E Beneficiary

TEKAN Peace Desk took me when I almost gave up on life after secondary school. The trained me free and gave me start-up pack. Today am a CEO of myself and my family is also benefiting

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