Building Bridges: Strengthens Local Capacities for Peace in the Month of March, 2024

“Building Bridges” continues to serve as a beacon of hope, shedding light on peace issues and inspiring positive change. With the support of TEKAN Peace Desk and Bread for the World, the program remains committed to promoting peace, unity, and prosperity in Plateau state and beyond.

Unraveling Solutions for Communities in Conflict

On the 6th of March 2024, “Building Bridges” hosted an enlightening and thought-provoking edition that delved into the intricacies of communities grappling with violent conflicts. Anchored by a commitment to fostering dialogue and understanding, the program embarked on a reflective journey, exploring how communities have navigated past conflicts and embraced traditional methodologies and solutions to promote peace.

Understanding In-Conflict Communities

The month of March kicked off with a deep dive into the challenges faced by communities in conflict. Guests Mujidang Sitdang, a seasoned development worker, and Remikat Ayuba, a peace practitioner, shared insights into the complexities of conflict resolution and the resilience of affected communities.

Remikat Ayuba and Mujidang Sitdang, Guests on Building Bridges

Exploring Solutions for In-Conflict Communities

In the second week, the focus shifted to solutions for communities grappling with conflict. Ceasar Payi, Director of Research at the Plateau State Government, offered valuable perspectives on government interventions and grassroots initiatives aimed at promoting peace and reconciliation.

Cross Section of Anchor (Joseph), Mr. Abimbola Ladeji (Guest) and Christopher Lekuk (co-dicussant)

Shedding Light on the Plight of IDPs and the Less Privileged

Week three shone a spotlight on the plight of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and marginalized populations affected by non-state actors. Pharm. Fwangshak Fwangkat, Managing Director of ShaksXpress Logistics and Transport Limited, and project lead of the Voice Initiative, provided insights into the challenges faced by vulnerable populations and initiatives aimed at addressing their needs. Promoting Sustainable Peace through Youth Development and Entrepreneurship

Promoting Sustainable Peace through Youth Development and Entrepreneurship

The month concluded with a focus on promoting sustainable peace through youth development and entrepreneurship. Abimbola Ladeji, an innovation and entrepreneurship expert, shared strategies for empowering youth and harnessing their potential as agents of positive change in conflict-affected communities.

Throughout March, “Building Bridges” continued its mission of fostering dialogue, understanding, and peacebuilding, addressing critical issues facing communities and highlighting pathways to reconciliation and sustainable development.

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